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The Law Show answers your questions on a variety of current legal topics such as personal injury, criminal defense, constitutional law, real estate law, family law, estate planning/probate, tax law, business formation and dissolution, shareholder litigation, insurance law, workers compensation, merger and acquisition, bankruptcy and many other pertinent areas of the law.  Host Brian Dailey likes to say, “if we can’t answer it, or send you to someone who can, it probably isn’t relevant.”

The host of the Law show is Brian Dailey.  The show originates from the studios of NewsTalk 760 WJR in Detroit and also broadcasts on WLS 890AM in Chicago. On the air with Brian each week are guests such as The Dailey Law Firm’s Matt Catchick. Brian is also joined by his wife Jill Dailey, call screener Kevin Gordon, and engineer Mike Abbotts.


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