Ambulance is billed as non related to accident

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Brian: Ed sent me an email last week and said he was in a car accident and the fire department of the local local city where he was in the car accident, sent him a bill for 500 bucks for responding to, uh, the car accident.

Justin: And we often see that in every accident case,

Brian: yeah, he’s got an insurance company, it’s a Fremont insurance and Fremont insurance is taking a position that they don’t have to pay and that he doesn’t have to pay the $500 response cost for the fire department and that it’s not related to the accident and the, that they are immune from having to pay it. But meanwhile, Ed Poor Ed is

Justin: stuck with a bill.

Brian: He’s not only stuck with a bill, they’ve started done him an’, they’ve affected his credit

Justin: and they will sue my, I’ve had clients who’ve been sued by the city and local municipality, fire departments and they get judgements and then they collect them and they report them to the, to the credit bureaus and destroy your credit.

Brian: Yeah.

Justin: What is a possible, how is this possibly not related to the accident? They responded to the scene of an accident?

Brian: I don’t know. I think the adjuster is taking the position that it’s property damage and not uh, services rendered for his care, recovery and rehabilitation.

Justin: You’ve gotta be kidding me

Brian: I’m not kidding you, but you know, I hit, is there anything that you’ve ever heard from an insurance company that surprised you by now?

Justin: That that’s, I mean, not denial. They’ll deny anything, but that’s it. Is that in writing? That’d be surprised to see that

Brian: I got a two page letter from Fremont Insurance Company saying we don’t owe it and you don’t know it either. Meanwhile, we’re going to let them destroy your credit.

Justin: It will be giving Ed a call after the show.

Brian: And well we actually took care of it. It’s problem. And you know, the last email I got, you know what he said?

Justin: What’s that?

Brian: Thank you Brian.

Justin: Good, good. Cause that’s a, that’s a new one. I mean, how does that, how is that not related to an accident when they responded to the scene of an accident, a fire department comes, you have to

Brian: I don’t know. But you know those three rules I’ve got about co-signing never co-sign never co-sign it. Never co-sign.

Justin: Yeah.

Brian: I got three rules about insurance companies. Never believe em. Never believe em. Never believe em.