Broken knee due to slip-and-fall from raised sidewalk

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Guest: Well, I had a slip and fall. I tripped over a listed section of their sidewalk. I broke my kneecap and I’ve got something wrong with my nose. I’ve got a goal to an ear, nose, and throat doctor on Monday.

Brian: So Mary, when did this happen?

Guest: Late 15th I think.

Brian: In what city was it in?

Guest: Taylor.

Brian: Taylor. Okay, so here’s the rule. The rule is that they have responsibility for a raised section of sidewalk. If it’s two inches or more. Now, I don’t want you to answer that question right now. Okay? I’m giving you the heads up as to what that is, and then we can go ahead and file suit against them. But there’s a notice requirement we have to give the city notice within, I think, what is it, 60 days?

Justin: Yeah,

Brian: 60 days. We have to send them a picture of the sidewalk. But you’ve got a really good case, and I’m terribly sorry that you’ve got a fractured knee.