Can association charge me for owning an empty lot next to my home

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Guest: Should they be charging me more? For the second lot because I think it’s contiguous. The issue is it contiguous?

Justin: Yeah. We’re going to have to add on that one. Say we’re going to have to look and see exactly what you’re kind of, what your home association bylaws say. So give me a call on Monday and we’ll take a look at what the bylaws actually say because that’s where you’re going to, you’re going to see what’s defined. I bet it is defined somewhere inside those bylaws that were like 500 600 pages long, but I, I bet there is a definition in there and usually if you do buy a second lot, you’re going to get nailed for the same amount of the association dues. This is a huge issue that we see all the time. Um, you know, we do a lot of condo law and we do both sides. I see the side from a, like the caller there who has a question about, you know, what the fees are and what I’m being charged.

Justin: Generally there’s a process in the bylaws that you go through in order to get those questions addressed. So you’ve got to take a look at the bylaws, see what the process is. Usually it’s something like writing a, you know, a certified letter to them to try to get the a response and see what their response is, why they’re charging is why they’re not. The other side of the coin is, you know, the homeowner associations are there and if you’re in one year in one, you don’t have a choice. So you’re stuck. And if you don’t pay your fees, they’re going to assess you and they’re gonna lean your property. And especially with condos though, they will foreclosure property. And then that’s just part of the deal. If you have a homeowners association or Condo Association, you got to pay your dues. Um, they don’t, you know, it’s kind of the, the lifeblood or the condos is the dues.

Justin: So it’s not fair if one person decides they don’t want to pay them when everybody else is. So those are out there. I mean, they’re, they’re always tough questions, but you know, when you’re buying a property, know that you’re getting into one. It’s a, if it’s a Condo, you’re going to have condo association dues. If it’s a homeowner association, you’re going to have those and they’re going to be there forever. And more than likely, they’re never going down. Um, they always, they always go up and rarely they go down. So, uh, be aware of those questions it’d be for you. Buy something. And that’s just something we’ve got to take a look at. And if you’re going to buy another lot, make sure you know what the definition is.