Can I Get Carfax Changed

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Guest: Mine is a problem about carfax. My husband went to trade in our phone, our car, and when he did, we had been told by many people that the tire was going to be $10,000 trade in around. So the guy comes back the estimator and says, oh, that car had structural damage, major structural damage. And I said, no, we told you about the little accident we had where the bumper came off. I said, the total price with insurance that they paid was $2,300 all well, with Carfax it’s hard to get a change. So we went to the d- to the repair place, got the copy of the order, brought it in, and he said, well, you can’t do this on the phone. You got to do it, I guess on the Internet, which we’re in our 80s So that’s not really an option. He’s going to see what he could do. But his question, er, statement was, it’s hard to change carfax

Justin: um, it’s not, we’ve had clients.

Guest: Your salesman told us that his daughter had an issue because she had an oil change and they put on $80,000 more on the thing when she had it done than it was. And when she went to trade it in, they said that she was, had been,

Justin: yeah, I got you. I got you. So yeah, it’s, so Dorothy is not that hard. Um, I have had clients do it left and right. It happens all the time. Mistakes are made generally contacting them. They do generally want it through an online process. So if you can’t do it, find somebody who can help you out. Do it online, you submit a form, you submit your documentation, and generally they change it. I’ve actually been somewhat impressed on, on their response, so it’s not that bad if it, if you send in your stuff, you can’t get it done, then give me a call back and we’ll write a letter. We’ve done that before and it’s generally been pretty effective. Okay.

Guest: Okay. Alright. Thanks.