Can I get money back from accidental student loan payment

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Guest: 00:00 So I had a student loan question.

Justin: 00:02 Yeah,

Guest: 00:02 I had a Navient loan that I refinance through Sofi and they sent the loan check to the wrong location and ended up not getting cast for awhile. It was about three months. They had to send another student loan check and then it finally went through. The problem is I made student loan payments to both servicers for three months.

Justin: 00:23 You made double payments?

Guest: 00:23 I paid a few hundred bucks in interest, yeah

Justin: 00:28 So you were paying both of these servicers at one in one month. You were paying both these guys?

Guest: 00:32 Yeah, for like two months.

Justin: 00:34 Where did they said when you contacted them and told them about this?

Guest: 00:37 So they, they finally fixed it. They had to send a second check that the problem is I have interest to two servicers and both of them say the other ones at fault

Justin: 00:47 Have, did they send you back the original double payments yet or no?

Guest: 00:50 So the one I got back, which was sofi, but that was just the principal that I got back.

Justin: 00:58 Okay. So there’s still, they still owe you money, right?

Guest: 01:01 It’s only a few hundred dollars,

Justin: 01:02 Doesn’t matter. It’s still money. I’d want $200 back in interest, especially student loans, which I hate anyway. So put something in writing, making a demand for that interest. Give them a time period to respond to you. If they don’t respond to you, call me and I’ll send them a letter and I guarantee you they will respond to me.