Can I get previous owner of house to pay for dry well they didn’t disclose

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Terrence: I bought a house here about four months ago and went on a walkthrough. I did a walkthrough in the house and this well supposed to be okay and different things that I ended up living in the house, about a few weeks ago and I had a dry well and I had to go out and spend $3,600 if they haven’t opened up the deeper stuff, is there any chance I go back on that? That’s all in our up in the street. The backs of line money. I invested back at that. Well

Justin: you, you want to go back after the person who sold it to you?

Terrence: Yeah, I mean he signed the watchers. Is that what it was? Okay. And then of course it’s a dry well. Yeah.

Brian: Well did you test the well before you looped into the place or just take his word for it?

Terrence: I took his word for it. Yeah.

Justin: In the purchase agreement, does it have any kind of disclosures as far as him going through and saying this is good, this is good, this is good. The well is great works fine or is that in your purchase agreement?

Terrence: Yes. He did that with the house. Yes sir. Okay.

Brian: Well here, here in Michigan, you have disclosures and you have to show if someone lies on a disclosure that you have to show what they knew about this issue and that they failed to disclose it to you and then you can go after them. So we’d have to take a look at the purchase agreement and get you to somebody down there who can, uh, do the real estate issue. But a, here in Michigan, that’s absolutely a case. If you fail to disclose something that you know on a seller’s disclosure and then it ends up causing problems, you know, I think that you may have an issue though, Terrence because you didn’t test the well yourself, you know, and the thing is is that there is a concept called buyer beware. Caveat emptor a, but then some states have instituted some seller’s disclosure laws. I’m not sure that Missouri has as strong a seller’s disclosure laws. One might like, um, but it’s something to look at and you know, Terrence, maybe you can help me with this, but remembering my own days in Iowa, wells don’t just go dry overnight. They sorta like trickle out, right?

Terrence: Yeah. That’s what trickled out it. Uh, uh, this one here, I had a little water and then you take a shower and then, then that’s about all you do and I got 2 kids, so, yeah.

Brian: So what did it cost you to get it? Get it, get it fixed?

Terrence: $3,600.

Brian: Yeah. I mean, you do something in the small claims court down there like Catherine was describing.

Brian: Yeah. If you’d like to, you know, talk to Catherine, humble about that, we’d be happy to give you that phone number. Okay. All right. We’ll give you a call, we’ll give you a call after the show. Okay. And then you can give her a call.