Can I Qualify for Alimony Spousal Support as a Husband

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Guest: 00:00 I was wondering if I qualify as a husband for alimony. My backstory is two children. My wife was making more money at the time. I stayed home with the children for the last five years. I’m currently working, I have a job for a year. She makes about a hundred thousand dollars, with the job I have now and make about 40,000 we’re still live together. She just told me about two weeks ago, so we haven’t started any proceedings. I was just wondering what you thought.

Justin: 00:26 I’m not even going to venture down that road. I don’t do any. The divorce, I don’t work.

Mark: 00:29 I haven’t, I mean generally spousal support is definitely, it is awarded in Michigan and if you were staying home with kids, I mean you may, you know, it’s not an exact science, but we can, you know, we definitely can get you this to a family lawyer, which is who you should talk to. But you know, it’s not like it was in the 70s anymore. I mean, as a male you, there’s no rule that says you can’t.

Justin: 00:50 Right.

Mark: 00:50 So, you know, and it’s usually designed for, for people kind of like you if you’re the one that shoulder’s a domestic burden while someone else’s out making money and then they decide it’s over. That’s what it’s. It’s generally there for, there’s something called rehabilitative spousal support, which is like a short term amount so that you can whatever, get yourself settled. But anyway, yet, call us after the show. Leave us your number.