Can landlords raise rent before lease expires

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Guest: 00:00 I have a landlord pattern question this morning.

New Speaker: 00:03 Okay.

Guest: 00:04 Uh I live in Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor and I’m a tenant in a complex that I’m in, which went through a based on uh income.

New Speaker: 00:16 Okay.

Guest: 00:16 And the the guidelines are are tax credit guidelines that are issued by Washtenaw county. No,w we, we recently had a change.

Justin: 00:29 Okay. So what, well that’s the question here Leonard. We aren’t, we only got an hour.

Guest: 00:32 Okay. Here’s the deal. I have a lease and I’m, the new management company wants to increase uh, rents based on these guidelines. But I have a lease that stipulates my rent and that time,

Justin: 00:45 When does your lease expire? When will your lease expire

Guest: 00:48 November of this year. 2019.

Justin: 00:52 Okay. So youre, youre good through the, the expiration of that lease, they can’t come in and alter what’s under those terms that you, you’re good there. So come November it may be a new story. But up until then, I, I would fight that and if they continue to give us problems call me on Monday and we can absolutely help you get a letter together to send to these new landlords and enforce at least,

Brian: 01:10 You know, there could be one way the landlord could do it under the existing lease and that is if they reserve the right to do so in the lease.

Justin: 01:15 Yeah. It’s, it’s rare, especially in commercial ones, but we can take a look at it and absolutely figure that out in about five minutes. So

Brian: 01:21 I bet it didn’t take you that long. Yeah. It’ll take you, take you longer to go to the, the, uh fax machine to get the paperwork, then it will free you.

Justin: 01:27 This is, he’s got to go through there, but it’s, some of those things are long. Some are in getting a, I know, crazy.