Can My Landlord Raise Rent After Lease Expires

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Speaker 1: I have a question regarding standard Michigan law towards the end of a residential lease.

Justin: Okay.

Guest: I’ve got a situation where the landlord has given notice to the leasee not much time to be able to make a change in residence. Notice of a significant increase in the monthly lease payments are enough to want to make the a the leasor take a look at alternative arrangements. Yeah, and just wondering that the lease, as far as I know, does not include a, a conversion to a month to month rental at the end of the lease if the lease is not renewed. So just in general,

Justin: yeah, the, the law is going to presume that it’s a month, a month lease after it expires. So is your lease expired?

Guest: Not yet. No

New Speaker: not yet. Okay. But they’re telling you we’re going to jack this up. If you want to stay here, sign another lease and pay way more money.

Guest: Well Yes. It’s going to go up by something like 30 30% over and above the prior payments.

Justin: Probably probably try and time to find a new place because ultimately it’s their building. Unfortunately, no matter how unfair it is, they’ve got you locked in once that once that initial lease expires, they’re going to jack up your price and, uh, force you to pay that or force you into a new one. Otherwise, it’s a month to month tenancy. They have 30 days notice that they have to give you and then they’re going to proceed doing eviction. Once you go to the eviction. Um, if the judgment of a writ of invection is entered the at 10 days to vacate or else the sheriff will come put you out. All right. I think we lost Jerry there, but, uh, we’ll keep answering all of your legal questions. Great question from Jerry. That’s unfortunately, sometimes that’s what happens when you get new ownership or you get any kind of change turnover, stuff like that. When the economy increases and that real estate prices increase, sometimes, sometimes we get a more people like that. So a month a month, Tendency, it’ll go a 30 days notice, but a make other arrangements and we’ll try to move on with that tough spot.