What can I do if the government wants to use some of my land

Guest: 00:00 My question is about wetland. Justin: 00:02 Okay. Guest: 00:04 And I got a letter from the government, I think it was, I can’t think of that Justin: 00:13 The DEQ? Guest: 00:13 That part of our property was wetlands, about two acres out of 19. It’s a wooded lair yet its got … Read more

Uninsured motorist crashed into my home

Guest: 00:00 Yeah. And uninsured motorist hit the side of my house also damaged this fence. And I was wondering what course of action I can take to try to get money from him to do repairs. Brian: 00:14 So I think you, and actually you and I actually talked this week didn’t we then, … Read more

Removing name from a deed

Guest: 00:01 Ah, I’ve got a question for you. Brian: 00:02 Okay. Guest: 00:03 I had purchased a property, a home for my son and I was underneath the impression that it was going, the home was gonna go strictly into my son’s name. Well, Evidently it didn’t, it was in his name, but they … Read more

Promissory Notes and Interest Payments

Brian: 00:00 Lynn, you’re on the Law show Guest: 00:01 Yes. I have a question. My adult son borrowed quite a bit of money from me and I’m wondering how I can, I’m paying the interest, he’s paid the principal but not the interest. And do I need to take him back? Brian: 00:20 How … Read more

On Statute of Limitations

Brian: 00:00 Let’s talk a little bit about one of my favorite subjects in that is the statute of limitations. It seems like it’s a simple concept, but we have to talk about it all the time because people keep missing them. And so we had a lady come in not long ago, and she … Read more

New Insurance Company Wants Proof of Current Insurance

Speaker 1: 00:00 My question is, I was recently changed homeowners insurance to another company. Yeah. Now they called me a price and when I went to go sign up with them, they said you have to bring us your declaration of your past insurance company. Right. So that to me just seems kind of … Read more

Lemon Law Defined

Justin: 00:00 For anybody who doesn’t know what the Lemon Law is it’s, you know, it’s something that’s out there with a lot of people that don’t know what it is. It only applies to new cars. If you buy a new car and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do, if it has … Read more

Is a Quick Claim Deed Best for Transfer of Property

Guest: 00:00 I, I’m a, my father owns a 10 acre parcel of vacant land and we’re transferring it to my name and the township folks told me I could do either a property transfer affidavit or a quick claim deed on my mind. The quick claim deed seems more permanent. Justin: 00:17 Yeah, I … Read more

Insurance Pays the Wrong Person, What Can I Do

Brian: 00:00 Richard, you’re on the Lawshow Guest: 00:02 Yeah. Hi. I have an insurance question. Brian: 00:05 Okay. Guest: 00:05 I owned a 2016 Harley Davidson. I had it at a friend’s house for some repairs in the storage for the winter. My friend’s barn burned down that it was in, he claimed it … Read more