Differences between a will and a trust

Guest: 00:00 Hey, good morning. How are you doing? So I want to make sure I understand the significant difference between a will and a trust. For example, I’m remarried and I have a child, a former child with my previous marriage, and I have one with my current one. Why to make sure everyone’s … Read more

Deeds, Estates, and Trustees

Guest: 00:00 So, I am a trustee of my mother’s a state and passed away and which has a house, and we’re going to be selling it to my sister. Okay. so my question is can I just use like a quick claim deed for that or is there a special other deed I need … Read more

Cosigned on a loan

Guest: 00:00 How’re you doing Justin: 00:00 Good Guest: 00:01 I know, I know we’re not supposed to co-sign for a loan, and I’ve heard you guys say it Brian: 00:04 Okay, well you know the three rules of co-signing? Guest: 00:06 Three years ago. Yeah. You get to get hammered in the end. Brian: … Read more

Can Someone Else Shut Down My Access Road

Guest: 00:00 Alright. I’ve got 40 acres in Michigan’s upper peninsula. It’s been in the family now for about 50 years. Brian: 00:07 Good for you. Guest: 00:08 There was a road on county road run a north south in order to gain access to our property, we have a two three rock track going … Read more

Can landlords raise rent before lease expires

Guest: 00:00 I have a landlord pattern question this morning. New Speaker: 00:03 Okay. Guest: 00:04 Uh I live in Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor and I’m a tenant in a complex that I’m in, which went through a based on uh income. New Speaker: 00:16 Okay. Guest: 00:16 And the the guidelines are are … Read more

Can I Qualify for Alimony Spousal Support as a Husband

Guest: 00:00 I was wondering if I qualify as a husband for alimony. My backstory is two children. My wife was making more money at the time. I stayed home with the children for the last five years. I’m currently working, I have a job for a year. She makes about a hundred thousand dollars, … Read more

Can I get money back from accidental student loan payment

Guest: 00:00 So I had a student loan question. Justin: 00:02 Yeah, Guest: 00:02 I had a Navient loan that I refinance through Sofi and they sent the loan check to the wrong location and ended up not getting cast for awhile. It was about three months. They had to send another student loan check … Read more

Can I get copies of transcripts from small claims court

Guest: Hi you guys I have a quick question. Can someone get a copies made of the transcripts from District Court sessions? Five different days. Brian: Yeah. Frankie, what we can do is a, you can go to the court clerk and the court reporter and you can order that stuff. And it doesn’t matter … Read more

Broken knee due to slip-and-fall from raised sidewalk

Guest: Well, I had a slip and fall. I tripped over a listed section of their sidewalk. I broke my kneecap and I’ve got something wrong with my nose. I’ve got a goal to an ear, nose, and throat doctor on Monday. Brian: So Mary, when did this happen? Guest: Late 15th I think. Brian: … Read more

Wrongful death due to roundup pesticide

Guest: I heard someone earlier talking about those meshes, you know how they do operate them? Brian: Yep. Guest: A lot of lawsuits open. Brian: Yes. Guest: Mine was with uh roundup and how it’s a toxin and carcinogen? Brian: Do you have cancer Guest: No, my wife did Brian: Does your wife have cancer? … Read more