Wife dropped by hospital staff, is it malpractice

Guest: Here’s my question. My wife was mid admitted into Pontiac St Joel’s hospital the day after mother’s Day. Brian: Yeah. Guest: She was very weak in that evening and there they were taking her to the bathroom. It was either a nurse or nurses aids and he dropped her. Uh, they dropped her on … Read more

What to do after getting into a car accident

Brian: What does the typical thing that we need to do when somebody gets into a car accident from the very minute that it happens, uh, to when they walk in the lawyer’s office as to what it is you need in order to represent them. So starting at the accident and the police are … Read more

What is uninsured and underinsured coverage about

Justin: You know that that’s how it used to be something that would just be included and they’d bill you. Now a lot of insurance companies are kind of carving this out and you have to go find it and add it onto your policy. So make sure you have it because this is the … Read more

What happens if I injure someone while working as a courier

Guest: Good morning. Good morning. I just have a general question. Um, I drive as an independent courier. Justin: Okay. Justin: For a living and uh, I’ve never gotten into a serious accident but there’s some people were talking in the office the other day, what if I were to get in an accident and … Read more

What can I expect from my personal auto insurance

Justin: And basically your, your pip coverage is what you have under your own auto insurance and this is what you know. Tons of people don’t know. I didn’t know before I started doing this. I don’t read, I didn’t read my insurance policy, I didn’t know any of this stuff. So under your own … Read more

Tips for talking to an insurance adjustor

Guest: I got a question about a personal injury. Justin: Okay. Guest: I was actually in a truck accident. I’m working with the claims adjuster. Myself what I’ve read is there’s certain formulas they use to basically come up with a number for the claim. Is that true? Justin: Yeah. The formula is giving you … Read more

Timeshares and escaping them

Guest: We’ve had a time share for quite a few years paid for what now we are still paying maintenance full time. Justin: Yeah. I’m wondering how can we get out of the, Justin: yeah, it’s one of the most difficult things in the world to get out of. We’ve done them before, so, um, … Read more

Sued again for something I’m not liable for

Guest: Okay. I have a question. I haven’t been vacation rental up north and two years ago I had a guest of my renter all down my stairs and she is suing me. My insurance company denied liability because we said there was nothing wrong with the stairs and there was a hand rail. Okay. … Read more

Senator Peter Lucido talks about the MCCA

Brian: Justin Grove, my good friend, colleague and cohost. Uh, and Justin, we’re going to talk a little bit about, uh, some MCC increases. People are about to get a big insurance bills. And, uh, I know that you, you brought this up at the beginning of the hour and we’ve got a very special … Read more

Runoff from township’s main street damages property

Guest: So, yes, I am. Thank you very much. I live in the village of Ortonville and our home is on the downward slope side of one of the village streets. And when we, when we have a large amount of rain, we’ve got this thousands of gallons of water coming off the street, down … Read more