Elderly mother breaks hip due to erroneous care

Guest: I’m calling in regards to my 96 year old mother Brian: God bless her. She’s 96. Guest: Yes, Brian: what an awesome age, Brian: living very independently at a retirement home. Brian: Good for her! Guest: But unfortunately, um, a month ago, the apartment above her, which was not used as an apartment, was … Read more

Dog killed by the medicine it was given

Guest: Well, I got a situation, my dog, well, I went to the doctor because my dog was having problems with his leg and she prescribed me some pills from before. So I, I give it to the dog, those it and ain’t, no, it didn’t seem to be effective enough. So I called her … Read more

Contractor Barred from Retrieving His Tools

Guest: My son took a private contract in New York from a person and built a couple of displays for her. Justin: Okay. Guest: And he was reimbursed for some of his time. She kept changing the contract because she has a whole gamut of lawyers. His tools got locked in her office. He’s trying … Read more

Charged with stalking when I evicted my tenants

Guest: Yeah, I guess my situation is as I may a landlord, I had a, I have a duplex a couple blocks away from where I live. I had to, we evict single females from each side. After I got, after I posted the first eviction notice, I got a written threat on my door … Read more

Can My Landlord Raise Rent After Lease Expires

Speaker 1: I have a question regarding standard Michigan law towards the end of a residential lease. Justin: Okay. Guest: I’ve got a situation where the landlord has given notice to the leasee not much time to be able to make a change in residence. Notice of a significant increase in the monthly lease payments … Read more

Can Mineral Rights Transfer to Me After Owning Property

Guest: Oh, good morning, Brian: morning. Guest: I have some property up north, um, about 15 acres wooded with a little cabin. And um, when we purchased that, um, we did not get the mineral rights with that. It belonged to some previous owners or something like that. And I was reading somewhere that after … Read more

Can I take someone to small claims court twice

Guest: Okay. Uh, I, uh, I loaned this guy, that used to be a buddy of mine, some tools, expensive mechanic tools, and I couldn’t get them bad for him. He in fact ripped me off. So I called this lawyer that advertised on TV. I never even saw this lawyer, this guy. And he … Read more