Can I Get Carfax Changed

Guest: Mine is a problem about carfax. My husband went to trade in our phone, our car, and when he did, we had been told by many people that the tire was going to be $10,000 trade in around. So the guy comes back the estimator and says, oh, that car had structural damage, major … Read more

Can I Be Forced to Buy Part of a Property

Brian: I entered into an agreement on a piece of property 25 some years ago, my wife and I and her mother and now her mother is ill running out of money and uh, she has, my wife has two brothers that didn’t have any interest in the property, didn’t have any financial interest in … Read more

Can association charge me for owning an empty lot next to my home

Guest: Should they be charging me more? For the second lot because I think it’s contiguous. The issue is it contiguous? Justin: Yeah. We’re going to have to add on that one. Say we’re going to have to look and see exactly what you’re kind of, what your home association bylaws say. So give me … Read more

Assaulted By Coworker – Workman’s Comp Question

Guest: Back on November 25th I got in a fight with my coworker and he rung my bell pretty good. And I called my boss and made a report. And eight says, let it go, let it go. And I, I’m hurt. And it hit me. That happened to my neck. And then three days … Read more

Ambulance is billed as non related to accident

Brian: Ed sent me an email last week and said he was in a car accident and the fire department of the local local city where he was in the car accident, sent him a bill for 500 bucks for responding to, uh, the car accident. Justin: And we often see that in every accident … Read more