Cosigned on a loan

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Guest: 00:00 How’re you doing

Justin: 00:00 Good

Guest: 00:01 I know, I know we’re not supposed to co-sign for a loan, and I’ve heard you guys say it

Brian: 00:04 Okay, well you know the three rules of co-signing?

Guest: 00:06 Three years ago. Yeah. You get to get hammered in the end.

Brian: 00:10 Yeah. Yup. So what happened?

Guest: 00:13 Her car, her car’s up. She can’t afford it. She messed up her credit. She’s over on her mileage. I co sign for this loan. Can they come after me for the car.

Brian: 00:22 Yes

Justin: 00:22 Absolutely. They’re not coming after you for the car. They’re gonna come after you for whatever’s owed.

Brian: 00:26 Yes.

Justin: 00:27 Call them. Try to negotiate something out or file bankruptcy. But yeah, they can absolutely come after both of you

Brian: 00:33 Is this your daughter that did this?

Guest: 00:35 Yeah, it’s my daughter

Brian: 00:35 Happy father’s day.

Guest: 00:38 Yeah, that’s what I said. Talking to me right now cause we’ve been ended up buying the car and then selling it.

Brian: 00:44 Listen, just just, just, just recognize her heart was in the right place. She didn’t mean to dad.

Justin: 00:50 Hey James, give me a,

Guest: 00:51 Yeah

Justin: 00:51 Uh did you give your number to Percy?

Guest: 00:54 Yeah.

Justin: 00:54 Okay. I’ll give you a call after the show. Cause certain creditors have a different ways about maybe resolving these that I can talk to you about off the air. Okay.

Guest: 01:01 All right.

Justin: 01:02 Okay. Thanks James.