Dog killed by the medicine it was given

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Guest: Well, I got a situation, my dog, well, I went to the doctor because my dog was having problems with his leg and she prescribed me some pills from before. So I, I give it to the dog, those it and ain’t, no, it didn’t seem to be effective enough. So I called her and I said, can we, uh, get something a little bit stronger? And she goes, yeah. And so, so she prescribed a controlled substance. Okay. And then along with that one, what was another set of pills that she, she suggested that I give the dog three of these pills plus the one controlled substance. And I says, well, can I, with separate issues, I’ll just give it to them at all. All at once. That’s fine.

Brian: So what happened? I saw what happened.

Guest: I give him the dog, the other thing pills.

Brian: Hey Joe.

Guest: And she said, well, that doesn’t matter.

Brian: Hey Joe.

Guest: He said, fine,

Brian: Joe, what happened? Is the dog still alive?

Guest: No, he died. He died! On Tuesday. I gave him the pills and I’m, I’m, uh, when they, he completely, I mean, he died and his is, he couldn’t get up because do anything. And, and

Speaker 2: Joe, I’m sure, sorry that you lost your dog. And a, that’s a horrible tragedy. You know, we in America, we, we love our pets and you know, uh, we have Timmy at home and he’s a West Highland white terrier. And I don’t know why we lost him yesterday. He got out of the fence. Oh yeah. And to lose a dog, really, I mean, it causes a lot of problems and people get emotionally attached to their dogs. Unfortunately, in Michigan, dogs are considered chattels, which are objects. So it be the same as if somebody threw my computer out the window, or the only thing I can recover is the value of the computer. So that’s all you can recover is the value of a dog. Now you might have some special aspects about a dog. I remember I was hunting one time ‘n my guide. Uh, he had a really fine Brittany Spaniel, um, a female who was throwing litters frequently. Yeah. And he was selling those dogs for $3,500 each. And so if you can figure how to say the dog was going to be worth over time, we ended up getting a lot of money for that dog because, uh, he, uh, lost the opportunity to have litters provided by that dog. So, um, Joe, give us, call it the, uh, office when you get a chance and we’ll talk to you all about your dog