Elderly mother breaks hip due to erroneous care

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Guest: I’m calling in regards to my 96 year old mother

Brian: God bless her. She’s 96.

Guest: Yes,

Brian: what an awesome age,

Brian: living very independently at a retirement home.

Brian: Good for her!

Guest: But unfortunately, um, a month ago, the apartment above her, which was not used as an apartment, was used as a storage room in a facility. Somebody put a bed frame against the thermostat, busted the Thermostat, made the room, get to 140 degree that the sprinkler systems off, which completely destroyed only her apartment. And of course the apartment that it happened in. So they had to get her out of there. They put her into another room and within three days she fell out of that bed because it was too high. Now she’s in a wheelchair, going through therapy, had to have surgery-

Brian: did she break her hip?

Guest: oh yeah.

Brian: Oh yeah. So, um,

Guest: I mean, I’ve done, it has so did administrator of the retirement keeps telling me we’ll work with you, but she won’t give me definite. All I want is my mom to have assistant living care. Not that, not, and I don’t think we should pay for because it wasn’t her fault.

Brian: pay for what?

Guest: The assistant living like extra health care.

Brian: So yeah. Yeah.

Guest: That helps with her getting dressed. Yeah.

Brian: So listen, I think that um, she may have a good case under the nursing home act even though she, she was in assisted living, right?

Guest: No, she was in an independent living and retirement community.

Brian: Okay. And they moved her because they destroyed her apartment.

Guest: Correct. To another room. And by moving her to another room, she was not in her own bed that we had a low bed. He put her into a bed, it was high and she fell off. Broke her hip had to have surgery.

Brian: Yeah. I think she’s got a good case. And because she’s got, because she’s got a case, um, what that means is until you get a judgment or a settlement or a verdict, uh, on her behalf, um, they’re not going to pay anything. They’re going to just continue to expect your mother and you to pay for her room and board, et Cetera. And for the additional assisted living. Um, I think you need to get in touch with, uh, somebody that handles nursing home Uh, lawsuits. Of course you could call us if you’d like, but you know, there’s a million great lawyers out there, um, that, uh, that could handle this case. Uh, and that’s really where you’re at. Uh, I don’t think they’re going to do anything voluntarily,

Guest: so I think they voluntarily said they would do is that they would make us pay her independent living rate of 2,400 a month, but they would take care of only one month of any additional health.

Brian: So that right there is an admission of responsibility. That’s what you call a consciousness of guilt. And so, uh, my guess is at 96, although your mother’s spry and living was living independently with a broken hip, that’s going to slow her down. Just a tiny bit

Guest: would have already, she’s very depressed now. We see her going down.

Brian: Yup. So listen, if you want to get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to a sit down and meet with you. Uh, if you want to recommendation to a different lawyer, just call us. We’ll help you out with that. Like I said, there’s a million different lawyers out there who can handle it, and you, you’ve got to be careful about who you choose and you gotta make sure that they understand what they’re doing and that they really care about this. Uh, like we will. Um, but, uh, just give us a call on a, on Monday and we’ll get you, yeah, same number, eight, five five law show and ask for Jessica and Jessica. We’ll, uh, do a initial intake for you. Okay.

Guest: Thank you.

Brian: All right. Thanks for calling law show.