Forgot to put items on seller’s disclosure

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Guest: Um, me and my wife are selling a piece of property anyway. We, you go through it and you have a seller’s disclosure.

Justin: Yeah.

Guest: We found out that there was a couple things wrong with the rubric.

Justin: Okay.

Guest: And we did not put it on this disclosure.

Justin: Okay.

Guest: But we, there is no money has been changed hands and uh, you know, we have not sold or we have not accepted an offer or anything. Now that we found it, can we, can we amend that disclosure?

Justin: Yeah. If you’ve recently discovered a problem that you weren’t, you weren’t aware of it when you put the property up.

Guest: Well, you know, I was aware, I was aware of the one, I forgot about it. And I mean it’s just there, it’s just a little crack in the basement wall and I think it comes down to the foundation. But I remembered it and you know, it’s moving stuff away from the wall and I saw the damn thing.

Justin: Yeah, no, that’s a, that’s, have you ever had foundation work done on the property?

Guest: No. No.

Justin: Well, I mean that’s not that big a deal. Just just this goes to, do you have a realtor, it’s working with you or you’re doing it by yourself.

Guest: No, I got a realtor you know, I’m in and out of town all the time and I didn’t want to, you know, I, I wrote it on the disclosure form. They just put, you know, ruin on the back side of it now and my wife is going to show the realtor. Yeah. Just because you have not accepted him.

Justin: Yeah. Just get it to the realtor you’re doing the right. I mean, you’re doing the right thing by getting out ahead of it, yet you realize the issue. You’ve got to get it to your realtor so that any potential purchaser can take a look at it. They can have their inspector review it more than likely, if it’s just a little hairline crack like that, it’s probably not a big deal. But, uh, put it out there and disclose it. You’re always better to put everything out there that you know and that that’ll cover you, uh, from any kind of problem after that.

Guest: Well, that’s why, that’s what I was telling my wife. You know, because otherwise years later they can come back at you.

Justin: You were telling her she was telling you that?

Guest: No, I would tell my wife that

Justin: All right, well, I just wanted to make sure. So, um, no, that’s exactly what you want to do. Talk to your realtor. Just make sure it gets done. Double check and make sure the realtor puts it on there and everybody’s aware of it and you should be, uh, should it be good to go and good luck should have a good time out in this market.