If an arrest is expunged from my record, do I have to report it anymore

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Guest: 00:00 You had a an arrest record expunged and you’re signing legal documents and ask if you ever been arrested or not, but what are the implications of that? Can you say no since it’s been expunged or not?

Justin: 00:10 If it says arrested?

Guest: 00:12 Yeah,

Justin: 00:12 It doesn’t say, have you been convicted? It says arrested.

Guest: 00:15 Um well I’m not sure.

Justin: 00:17 Yeah. Yeah. I mean most of them usually say, have you been convicted? Because arrested is, is a little, you know, different people are wrongfully arrested all the time. So arrested usually doesn’t show up on there, usually it’s a conviction. And if it says convicted you, you don’t have, you can say you haven’t been because it’s been expunged. Did you go through and get the expungement done?

Guest: 00:35 Yes several years ago

Justin: 00:35 How was that process for you?

Guest: 00:36 Oh, it went fine. It was, you know, it was a minor detail. The reason for the arrest was, it was kind of bizarre anyways, and judge had no problem with expunging it

Justin: 00:45 Good, good. Yeah. Well that, I’ll do that. Take a look. Do you have, are you trying to get new jobs that way? This is coming up?

Guest: 00:50 No, actually it’s for a residency. I’ve been living here all my life and I wanted to be, can come American citizen and that was one of the things they asked on the

Justin: 01:00 Yeah. You know what, take a look at the application and then just give me a call back during the week and when you find out the exact language, we can take a look it up for you. Okay. All right?

Guest: 01:06 Thank you.

Justin: 01:06 All right, thanks Jerry.