Insurance Pays the Wrong Person, What Can I Do

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Brian: 00:00 Richard, you’re on the Lawshow

Guest: 00:02 Yeah. Hi. I have an insurance question.

Brian: 00:05 Okay.

Guest: 00:05 I owned a 2016 Harley Davidson. I had it at a friend’s house for some repairs in the storage for the winter. My friend’s barn burned down that it was in, he claimed it on his insurance and my insurance company paid him for my bike and not my insurance. It’s telling me that there’s nothing that they can do about it.

Speaker 1: 00:26 Well, why didn’t you get the money back for, did your friend give you the money back?

New Speaker: 00:30 No, he’s kept it.

Brian: 00:31 Well, you have a case against your friend.

Justin: 00:33 It’s not a very good friend.

Brian: 00:34 No. I mean, were you paying something for the the storage?

Guest: 00:38 No.

Brian: 00:39 How much did the insurance company pay?

Guest: 00:42 Almost 13,000.

Brian: 00:43 Did you ever sign off with your insurance company for the payment of that?

Guest: 00:47 No, I turned in a claim for my insurance.

Speaker 1: 00:50 So I think you can still go in for your insurance company because if you haven’t signed up, if you didn’t sign off on that and you didn’t approve that Justin can make fast work of this real quick.

Guest: 01:01 Okay.

Brian: 01:03 So we’ll give you a call after the show.