Insurance won’t cover stolen property

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Guest: I have; It’s an insurance issue.

Brian: Okay.

Guest: I was gone for the winter. I went to Florida and on my prop- I own an acre of land. I live on the Clinton River and I had, when I come back to get ready for the summer, I’m trying to cut this real quick point. Went back there to get the pontoon boat and everything ready for the summer. My two kayaks, my canoe four life jackets, my oars, and they had cotton cables on my pontoon boat and took my motor off the pontoon boat. So I called the police and made a police report. As soon as I knew, they asked me the question, well do you know when it was stolen? And I said, I have no idea. I put it away for the winter on my property. And I just, uh, you know, I don’t know. It could have been done from anywhere from January up until this time it was April. Okay. So I don’t know if, I don’t want to say that. Well. Then after I made the report, I called AAA my insurance and told them I had, you know what happened to me. Uh, and they said, well, it’s not covered. I have full coverage on my property insurance. I have what you call replacement value. And they said, well, the outboard motors and you’re trolling motors and things don’t count. I said, it’s on my property. Does it not count

Brian: to look at your policy? But I can, I can guarantee you that wherever an insurance company sees a tiny little opening, they’re going to go through it. And that requires you to hire a lawyer. So, um, what you want to do is you want to give a call to a, and you know, there’s a million lawyers out there that could handle this. We’d be happy to talk to you if you want to talk to us. Uh, you know, you could call Justin

Justin: Was there boat insurance? Did you have separate insurance on the boat itself?

Brian: I’m not sure.

Guest: Well, the boat wasn’t on, on the water, it’s not my, my question. I know. Once you know, I, I get insurance for the boat insurance. When I launched the boat, obviously you have to have insurance for that, but when it’s on my property, I have fire and theft and full coverage, a replacement value and everything. And now they’re telling me, even though it’s a theft, but it was an outboard motor theft, and I don’t understand why that would make any difference than a, they’re covering my kayak, but you’re not going to cover by outboard motor, which is a almost $10,000.

Brian: You know, um, why don’t you get in touch with, uh, with Justin, he’ll take a look at your policy and unless they specifically exclude it or limit it, I don’t know that they can say no, they’re not gonna cover it. Yeah.

Justin: I’d like to see the denial letter and see what they’re, you know, trying to see how they’re trying to weasel out of it I guess

Brian: weasel out of is a really good word. It really, truly is a good word. But anyway, I hope that answers your question for you, Lin.