Is a Quick Claim Deed Best for Transfer of Property

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Guest: 00:00 I, I’m a, my father owns a 10 acre parcel of vacant land and we’re transferring it to my name and the township folks told me I could do either a property transfer affidavit or a quick claim deed on my mind. The quick claim deed seems more permanent.

Justin: 00:17 Yeah, I would definitely do the, the quick claim deed to the property transfer affidavit is usually for tax purposes and you file that with the a clerk or whoever is there in the townships, so he probably need to do both the the quick claim deed is simple as long as you know there’s no other interest on it and obviously they’re only transferring you whatever they own, but that’s a quick, simple way to do it.

Brian: 00:35 Now, Justin I was going to ask you a question on behalf of Doug, maybe Doug thought about this, maybe you didn’t, but how many times have you seen situations where family members attempt to do deeds and quick claim deeds and maybe don’t check off all the boxes that they need to?

Justin: 00:48 Yeah, it happens all the time. It’s a simple form. You give me a call on Monday, I can now walk you through it pretty quickly and it’s a it really inexpensive, cheap process to get done.