Is My SUV A Lemon

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Speaker 1: I recently leased an SUV and it’s having Bluetooth and muffler noise issues. Is this a lemon? Can I get it back? Can I return it because it’s a lease. Now, this is the question I get all the time. People think because it’s a lease, they don’t own the car that they don’t have any rights under Lemon law. Well, that’s not true. You do have a great claim under the lemon law, especially at those sorts of issues. What the warranty says, when you get a vehicle, it says, not that you’re gonna get a perfect car. It says you’re going to get a car and if there’s problems, we’re going to get an opportunity and reasonable amount of time to try to fix that car. And what that means is four repair attempts or 30 days out of service in the first year. So if it’s out of service for 30 days, you’ve got a lemon.

Speaker 1: If it gets in, in for repair four times throughout the life of the vehicle, you have a lemon law claim. A lot of people say, well, you know, the Bluetooth isn’t that big a deal. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s a subjective standard, which means if it’s a problem to you, it’s a problem that you can pursue under the lemon law. Like me, I use the Bluetooth my car every day. I wouldn’t want a car without it because I use it literally every day going and coming back from work. So that’s, that’s a great lemon law claim. If it’s gone in, if they continue to not be able to fix it and they can’t repair the vehicle for you, then you absolutely can pursue a lemon law claim. And what you get under the lemon law is you get that car bought back, they’re going to get a discount for the mileage, but a, you’re going to get the car bought back and they pay your attorney fees, which is one of the very few statutes that actually allows for lemon law.

Speaker 1: And I know we heard the car show, a lot of people were calling in with check engine lights. If those are new cars with check engine lights, those are uh, those are absolutely cars that can go under the lemon law. You can have a claim because the check engine light, like they said, is a huge issue. It means something is wrong with your car and you need under your, under your warranty and in your owner’s manual it says take that car in and get it fixed immediately. So if you’re getting this check engine light, which I have a number of claims exactly like this, where they can’t do it and they can’t fix the car and this engine like keeps coming on, that’s a lemon. Take it back and come talk to me cause it’s free. We don’t charge anything. You call the same number. You called the day eight five five law show. It’s 855-FIVE-TWO-97469.