Lemon Law Defined

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Justin: 00:00 For anybody who doesn’t know what the Lemon Law is it’s, you know, it’s something that’s out there with a lot of people that don’t know what it is. It only applies to new cars. If you buy a new car and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do, if it has any problem of any kind that they can’t resolve, no matter how minuscule it might seem, that can be a lemon law claim. I mean a lot of the problems that we see are tech problems. Say Ah, you have a Bluetooth system and it doesn’t work well if they can’t fix that, that was part of the reason that you buy a car. I know that’s an important feature when I buy my car, ’cause I’m always on the phone when I’m driving. So if those things are happening and the dealership can’t fix it, it’s a lemon law claim.

Justin: 00:34 But you know what the d the, the dealer is not going to tell ya as things a lemon a get it bought back one because the dealer doesn’t have the power to do that. And two only the manufacturer can actually buy the car back. So if you’re in a situation where you have a brand new car and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do and they can’t fix the problem, we need to go to the manufacturer, need to demand them to buy the car back, which we’ve done. Eh, I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve gotten cars bought back from every manufacturer out there. It’s not a a slam on the manufacturers. I mean, you’re building a ton of products and sometimes when you, especially new lines of cars, they have problems. So that’s just something that comes up. But if you run into that problem, they’re never going to volunteer to buy it back. But you have that right under the lemon law. And the best part about the lemon law is that you don’t pay attorney fees. They actually, the manufacturer has to pay my fees. So if you’ve got a lemon law claim, you got a personal injury, you got any kind of legal questions, give us a call right now. Eight five five law show. That’s 855-529-7469. We’re going to take a brief break. We’ll be right back answering all of your legal questions right here in the Law show on WJR.