Misrepresented by Lawyer after Car Crash

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Guest: Roughly around December 18th of 2015 I had hit by a car in Red Bank, New Jersey. I was actually working on a presidential campaign at the time I got hit. So it car jumped the curb and hit a pole. The pole came down and then crushed my head and knocked my face and half of my body through a window.

Justin: Wow.

Guest: And it repelled me backwards. And then the car ran over my leg and I was misrepresented by a lawyer out here and he didn’t even have a license to practice law in the state of New Jersey. So I had to try to scramble now to sign enough papers within three days to put my case back into motion. And you know, I’m just in a bed, I have brain damage.

Justin: Is your case on going now or is it over?

Guest: It’s ongoing. Guy was able to have the court send papers and then they, I had to re-sign now for the second time. And it’s like, I feel like a a Victim. I didn’t even do anything but standoutside.

Justin: No, you absolutely did not. But I don’t want you to talk a whole lot about your ongoing case. So a, I’m going to Percy get your number and I’m gonna give you a call after the show. Um, you know what I tell people is if they, if they don’t like their lawyer and you know, you can do it. You’re, you’re the boss. The clients are ultimately in charge of our cases. They can hire or fire us as they see fit. I’ll give you my advice and I’ll tell you what I think you should do, but ultimately it’s your choice. And if you feel you aren’t being represented properly, go get a new attorney. Right?

Mark: Yeah, absolutely. And we might, I mean, don’t say the name of any lawyer right now, but you know the potential, you may potentially, depending on how things work out, you know, if he calls the case to a to sink, you can have an

New Speaker: and it seems like that’s a, he’s got a pretty good cause of action. Someone, right? You’re just standing there on the side of the street and you get run down by a car. I mean, I’m a little concerned about the statute of limitations, but hopefully it’s an ongoing case and it can be resurrected. I got to get somebody out there in New Jersey who knows what they’re doing. But yeah, that’s a, that’s a tough case. So, uh, hang on, hang on the line and we’ll get out. We’ll get it to you after the show.