Neighbor’s Cameras are Violating My Privacy

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Guest: What is the expected and the letter of the law, not the spirit concerning personal privacy.

Justin: Okay. In what context? I mean you got, so you have certain expectations of privacy in certain places, but what are, what are you talking about here? What’s your question?

Guest: Okay. My neighbor and I are at war. Okay. Okay. He has placed cameras directly looking onto my property and my driveway in my house. I don’t care if he puts 20 cameras on his property. I want him to cease and desist for viewing my property.

Justin: Well, what do you think there mark? I know he’s got it right to do whatever he wants on his own property.

Mark: Yeah, he does. And generally if you’re, if you’re outside you have a problem, but there’s something an old term called your curtilage, which means the area right around your house and you may well be able to get him to not be filming you while you’re, while you’re outside. But you know, he can obviously, I mean one way to look at it is if he say he has a deck, he could stand there if he wanted to. And look all day in your back yard and you can’t really stop him from doing it. So, you know, privacy fences make good neighbors. Maybe put one of those up. That might be your best bet.

Guest: Yeah, but he’s got, sure he’s got these cameras up at the top of his house. Our house was his 32 feet fairly low. Call me, you know, I was, six foot fence won’t work.

Mark: Okay, well you might also find out what they, whether there’s a local code about cameras and where you can put them in.

Justin: That’s about all you can deal with. It’s kind of one of these classic situations where it’s, it’s a fight and you know, you can, you can sue anybody you want for anything and you know, whether you got a good case, it’s a different story, but it’s going to cost you an awful lot of money.

Mark: So the one critical thing that was what he’s doing with that, if he starts, you know, doing things with what he’s V, you know, recording that crew and issue too.

Justin: So it is, you know, neighbors, our neighbors, and you get these problems all the time and unfortunately, they sometimes get to that point.