Power Company wants to remove my trees

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Justin: Let’s go to uh, Steve. Steve you’re on the Lawshow

Guest: Yes. My question is we have consumers. Power’s going to put it in a natural gas line behind our property and they want to use our property, 15 feet of it to do construction work on this, but they need to take out our trees. So my question is even though they want to pay us for taking the trees out, what are our rights as far as keeping those trees?

Justin: Well, your, your rights are probably zero cause I think they’re going to have an e isn’t that right mark? We got a Mark Dundon and joined us here. He’s came in now. So what do we think markets a consumer energy. I think they’re going to be able to do probably whatever they want to, aren’t they? Especially if they’re offering the money for it.

Mark: It’s about the way it’s usually going to work. They can generally they are going to have an easement and um, you know, if they need to take the trees out. Although I guess if the trees are not on their easment and it does make us slightly different, different issue. But generally you’re not going to really give, your goal is to try it. You know that they’re usually going to win, hate to be negative.

Justin: And it’s not, it’s not gonna be worth the amount of money that you got to go and spend a fight consumers and their attorneys and everybody else to try to save some trees. So you know, take the money, use that money, plant some new trees and uh, yeah,

Mark: which by the way, you can, some of the times they’ll agree to plant tree. I mean, you know, you do have some flexibility. You could maybe say, look, I don’t want x amount of dollars. I want some mature trees or something planted here. So if you’re a few,

Justin: squeaky wheel gets the grease. So sometimes if you complain enough with those kinds of big companies, they will, uh, I’ll take her complaint seriously. So that’s, that’s what I recommend. Talk to him, open up, aligned communication. Let them know what you’re willing to do. But you can’t just say, no, you’re not putting this here unless you’re willing to go the whole nine yards and put up a huge fight. So that’s a, that’s what it is.