Previous owner of property didn’t pay their taxes

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Guest: At the end of last year I bought a piece of property that we used a title company to help us, uh, for just the property, you know, and go through the closing and everything and all the taxes were supposed to be completely paid up and clear. And they actually showed us a a and gave us a paper from the county that said that there was no taxes due. And then a week afterwards we go to the tax office to file the property and tell us that eight to $9,000 is due in taxes and a, so we call the title company. And apparently they said that the county made a mistake and that there was, the taxes were clearly due and they were contacting the previous owner to get them paid. Well, he’s made like two or three payments, uh, to the taxes, uh, so far, but now, uh, there’s still a balance of over $4,000 that is due. And I was wondering what course of action I would have either uh, to the title company or the previous owner.

Justin: Yeah, I mean the, the title company half, they’re going to say there’s a mistake by the county. It could be tough as their title insurance on the transaction.

Guest: Yes.

Justin: Okay. That might be something to look at. But this guy who you bought it from, he’s been subsequently making payments and now he’s just stopped. Right?

Guest: right. Yeah. The title company had told us that they were going to make the payment and clear it up and then go after him.

Justin: Right.

Guest: And then apparently their attorneys backed out on that agreement.

Justin: That is not surprising. So, um, there, there may be a way for me to, I don’t want you to say the title company, but I may know them. So, uh, give me a call after the show or I’ll give you a call after the show and we can talk about who it is and how to, how to go get the rest of that money paid. Cause it shouldn’t be too terrible to do it.