Repairs paid for by insurance are faulty

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Guest: Good morning. Thank you. Yes, I have a problem with my basement drain. It started last may one of 18, I had a backup and I called a plumber and they snaked it out and fixed it. It happened again on October 1st and they came back, it happened again on October 29th and they came back. Then they said, oh, you need a camera put down there. They put a camera down there and they found that the pipe had separated, was broken. I called the insurance, they said go ahead and fix it. So they broke up the floor and put a new PVC pipe and connected to the existing pipe. Uh, they sealed up the floor. Then it backed up three or four times. I called them back. Uh, one fellow was very, very rude and uh, anyhow, to make a long, long story short, uh, I didn’t get them back again. I just didn’t like their attitude. I called another plumber, he looked and he said there was no problems then I didn’t the insurance, uh, I waited all that time before the end. I had the insurance put the floor down cause I thought there’s something going on. Cause it kept backing up and then they put the floor down and uh, in April, then in May, it backed up, and it backed up three or four times I had, uh, the insurance people’s plumber come back and they put the a camera down, uh, and he said it was installed properly, it was misaligned and they put a two inch pipe connected to a three inch pipe.

Brian: So you said it was installed properly or improperly?

Guest: Improperly. Sorry. Improperly. So what recourse do I have? I don’t like those people that put it in. They were very rude. I’ve given them a lot of money and uh, you know, it was covered by insurance. Now my insurance is they do not cover, uh, faulty workmanship.

Brian: So what is the value of the faulty workmanship? In other words, how much are you out?

Guest: I don’t know how much it’s going to cost to rip up the brand new floor.

Brian: Okay. Hey, Sally. Sally, we’re going to have to take a break, but listen carefully. When we come back, we’ll be answering your question. Just listen on your radio. Okay. Now this is the, uh, the law show. We’re going to take a short break and we come back. We’ll be answering questions at eight five five Law show that’s 855-FIVE-TWO-9746, nine.

Announcer: Once again, here are Brian Dailey and Justin Grove.

Brian: Welcome back to the law show. My name is Brian Daily. I’m attorney Brian Daily Broadcasting live from the La show studios. Every senate, every Saturday morning from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM eastern time with my good friend, colleague and cohost Justin Grove. And Justin. When we left earlier, uh, we were uh, hearing about us. Sally, she had a, a, an issue, a leak and the insurance covered for the work, but they didn’t cover for the faulty work. Um, and she wants to know about small claims, but small claims only 3,500. It sounds like she’s got more damages in that.

Justin: I think it did it go up to $5 and I thought they increased it or talking about increasing it.

Brian: You know, I, I, you know, it’s been so long since I’ve been at small claims, I actually thought my, my last understanding was it was a $3,500 fee.

Justin: Either way she’s going to sue a company and more than likely they’re going to come in, they’re going to, well they have to hire an attorney and then they were moving to district court. So it could get a little more complicated for, we really need to know what the damages are, how much money there is and what she’s going after. But I mean ultimately if the work isn’t done correctly, then she absolutely has a right to pursue those people and get her money back.

Brian: I also think that she can still go back to the insurance company because the insurance company promised to repair it and it’s not repaired. Yeah.

Justin: Then, you know, there’s that, that’d probably be the better way to go because you know, coming out of pocket to now, you know, pay these people and I can’t the work done and then paid us to them again. And your collection, who knows what you’re gonna get out of them. I mean, it’s,

Brian: the thing is that you probably have an easier time finding a lawyer to take the insurance case than you would to take the other case. But you know what I would do if I were doing it is I’d bring them both in and I’d go to district court right away.

Justin: Yeah. I mean, that’s, that’s probably the best thing she can do. So if she needs that kind of help, she absolutely can call us back at eight five five law show. It’s eight five five five two nine seven four, six, nine all week. She can call us.