Runoff from township’s main street damages property

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Guest: So, yes, I am. Thank you very much. I live in the village of Ortonville and our home is on the downward slope side of one of the village streets. And when we, when we have a large amount of rain, we’ve got this thousands of gallons of water coming off the street, down our driveway and through our garage and then eroding up the footing down the back of the garage. What, what obligation does the village have to handle that runoff?

Justin: Have you, have you talked to them at all about this? I mean, how much damage has been done?

Guest: well it’s, there’s fairly substantial erosion that’s been happening and they did put it up when we moved in about five years ago. They did have a little asphalt berm out at the edge of the road to try to deflect some of the water, but that hasn’t been being maintained at all.

Justin: Okay. So what did they say when you, uh, when you told them that this is a problem and it’s happening again?

Guest: Well, I haven’t reapproached him on it. I just kind of want it to be for – forearmed a little bit for what their responsibilities, you know, or are they responsible to handle that run off and not let it run through my house or my garage or what?

Justin: Yeah. I mean there’s, I mean they’ve taken some steps to already to try to mitigate that. So it’s gonna be tough for them to backtrack now and say, hey, we don’t have to do anything when they’ve already done something and then it’s happening again due to their failure to maintain it. So I think you’ve got a pretty good argument with them. If you go there and a, and they just simply refuse to do anything, then you probably got to call me back and we’ve got to sit down and have a little conversation and look at the ordinances and see, you know, how much damage is actually being done here. And if it’s worth pursuing, which if it’s that much water, it’s coming through a, it sounds like it’s something that you have to pursue. So give him a call. But I think you’re, uh, I think you’ll, it’s a, I’ve dealt with them before and they’re actually a pretty responsive and in my, my experience with that, with that town, with the Ortonville. So give them a call and see what they’re willing to do for you. Okay.

Guest: Alright. I appreciate your help. Thank you

Justin: no prob. Have a good day.

Guest: Bye