Tips for talking to an insurance adjustor

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Guest: I got a question about a personal injury.

Justin: Okay.

Guest: I was actually in a truck accident. I’m working with the claims adjuster. Myself what I’ve read is there’s certain formulas they use to basically come up with a number for the claim. Is that true?

Justin: Yeah. The formula is giving you as little as possible. So what, uh, what are the injuries that you have?

Guest: Well, I had a back injury and a neck injury. I had a preexisting condition. I have two herniated discs in my back and it made it worse. Um, the surgeon that I went to, the neurosurgeon said that it had been separated.

Justin: Yeah. Exacerbating your injury. So did you have to have surgery?

Guest: No, no, no. I’m, I’m, I’m, I can’t have surgery because of where it is. It would make it worse. So it’s gonna do a, a spinal cord stimulator basically.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah. That’s a tough injury. So what happened in the accident? Yeah.

Guest: Um, I was, um, in a parking lot or actually a truck stop and uh, I’m from Virginia. I’m an over the road truck driver and basically a another truck just turned right in front of me and set my truck with his trailer and basically threw me around like a Bobble head.

Justin: Well, yeah. Yeah.

Mark: So you were at work?

Guest: Yeah. Yeah.

Justin: Are you an independent contractor or are you working for somebody?

Guest: I am a, I’m, I’m an independent contractor to somebody.

Justin: Okay. Okay. Yeah, there’s a, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that we probably need to talk about. So I’m going to take your number down. I’m going to give you a call after we get off the air. And you know that the short answer there for Bobby is that you’d probably need to talk to an attorney. Talking to the adjustor on your own is generally a terrible idea. They’re not looking out for your best interest. They may say they are, but in reality they’re looking out for their own bottom line. And that’s greatest statement.

Mark: The greatest question to ask is do you get a bonus based on how big of the, how big this settlement checks you write are? Generally that answer would be no, the company likes me to spend as little money as possible on claims, right?

Justin: I mean, hey there, they’re paying something great. I’ll give them that, but I guarantee you that they’re not paying everything that they should be. So be real careful about talking to them because anything you say they will absolutely use against you. So, you know, hey, how are you doing today? I’m okay. Well, okay. Then later down the road you try to sue em, they’ll say I thought you said you were okay. You know, you’re not injured what’re you talking about, so that’s a, you don’t, don’t talk to those adjusters. Call us, call any other attorney that does personal injury, but, uh, don’t talk to them.