What can I do if the government wants to use some of my land

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Guest: 00:00 My question is about wetland.

Justin: 00:02 Okay.

Guest: 00:04 And I got a letter from the government, I think it was, I can’t think of that

Justin: 00:13 The DEQ?

Guest: 00:13 That part of our property was wetlands, about two acres out of 19. It’s a wooded lair yet its got water standing in it most of the time. And when I call them and say, well, I never authorized it. They said, well, no, you don’t authorize it. It’s determined by the government and the way they made it sound as I’m stuck with it.

Justin: 00:35 So what’s the problem

Guest: 00:36 But I do, pardon me,

Justin: 00:38 What’s the problem?

Guest: 00:41 Well the problem is I don’t, I don’t mind let it be let wetlands, but I want to make the decision not the federal government

Mark: 00:49 Good luck.

Justin: 00:49 Yeah. I don’t think that’s how that one’s gonna work out for you. I’m pretty sure that the probably, the DEQ, or they got that letter where

Mark: 00:55 Wetlands are protected both by the feds and the state, and it’s a really big deal.

Justin: 00:59 So it’s very difficult to challenge. There may be a process to do it, but it’s probably not worth your time, money, and energy to do that. But if you all,

Guest: 01:08 Yeah, they send, I had an argument to come up with what I have to come up with a reason why. I don’t think it could be wetlands.

Justin: 01:14 Exactly. What’s that reason?

Guest: 01:17 I don’t want to be, yeah.

Justin: 01:20 I don’t think that one’s gonna work for you. But you got to have some kind of reasoning behind it, some sort of facts to back you up. And without that, it’s going to be really difficult. So, Whoa, we’re up. We’re right up against it as well. So we’re going to take a brief break.