Wrongful death due to roundup pesticide

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Guest: I heard someone earlier talking about those meshes, you know how they do operate them?

Brian: Yep.

Guest: A lot of lawsuits open.

Brian: Yes.

Guest: Mine was with uh roundup and how it’s a toxin and carcinogen?

Brian: Do you have cancer

Guest: No, my wife did

Brian: Does your wife have cancer?

Guest: Did. Yeah, she’s passed.

Brian: Did she have non Hodgkin’s lymphoma?

Guest: Yes, she did. So I’m a farm and I handled and she’s been around roundup, I’m going to say for the last 15 years.

Brian: Yeah. When did she pass away?

Guest: Uh, 2012.

Brian: Did you ever open an estate for her?

Guest: No.

Brian: So listen, in in Michigan, you have two years to pursue a wrongful death. Okay. But if you don’t open an estate, you can’t pursue it. So you have five years to open the estate to pursue the wrongful death. So unfortunately uh Brad, I don’t think we’re gonna be able to do anything for you all the way. I wish I could because it just read a story about a, uh, I think it was $180 million verdict, uh, out in San Francisco on a roundup case similar to the one you’re talking about. Um, but you gave Percy your phone number, didn’t you?

Guest: Yes, I did.

Brian: All right, so I’m going to take a, take a look at the books. I’m gonna hit the books a little bit when I get back to the office today. Then I’ll give you a call and we’ll talk about it a little bit further. Okay.

Guest: Yeah. Just one other quick question. Yeah. Is, uh, United States like the only places the lawsuit they’re going on, like I’m from Windsor, Ontario,

Brian: I’m not sure. I think that in Ontario you can pursue these claims as well, but they have a little bit different system. In Michigan and in the United States, we’re allowed to charge contingent fees. But in Ontario, I don’t think that’s the same, uh, same answer. And I have good friends in Ontario. We’ve handled cases in Ontario. It doesn’t matter where you are. We’ll come to you and we’ll help you out. Okay.

Guest: Yeah.

Brian: All right. Well, thanks for calling the lawshow